Coronavirus in Colorado: Hundreds rally outside capitol, demand state reopen

DENVER — When a Colorado veteran organized a rally to reopen Colorado, he said he was thinking about the freedoms he fought to protect.

“Just seeing the people struggling and what they’re going through. I’ve got other friends as well. They’re having a hard time now feeding their families, paying their bills because the bills ain’t stopping just because the country shuts down,” said John Tiegen.

Hundreds descended on the State Capitol during the rally Sunday afternoon. Tiegen joined a group of motorcyclists as they circled the building. Others stayed in their cars and honked horns, but a large crowd also gathered on the Capitol lawn.

“Yeah, it’s starting to slowly open, but it needs to just open up,” said Tiegen.

COVID-19 concerns led Governor Jared Polis to issue to a stay-at-home order at the end of March, but that order expired on April 26. Tiegen and others share frustration over the Colorado’s plan to reopen as part of a set of guidelines called Safer at Home.

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