Coronavirus test kits which take just 15 minutes for result ‘coming next week’

Over half a million new rapid coronavirus test kits which provide a result in just 15 minutes will be rolled out next week, it has been reported.

The Antibody IgM/IgG kits from Endo X have been given the green light by the Australian health authorities and provide a result within 15 minutes.

They use a drop of blood compared to a swap and are geared toward helping key workers get back to work by enabling them to be tested daily.

Dr David Badov, director of Endo X, told 9NEWS: "The test will reveal if the patient has antibodies in their blood and are now immune to COVID-19, supporting workers in getting back to their jobs in this time of uncertainty.

"We encourage healthcare providers to get in touch with us as soon as possible so that these tests can get to those who need it most."

The makers say the tests have 94% accuracy, from four to 10 days after the people develop symptoms and a 99% from 11 to 24 days.

The positive news from Australia comes at the same time the UK are looking to roll out similar testing kits, once they are approved.

One million home testing kits for coronavirus could be sent out in a matter of weeks, according to British public health officials.

Cases coronavirus continue to climb, with some 11,658 people in the UK now confirmed to be positive for the virus which has forced the country into lockdown.

As of Thursday the UK death toll stood at 578 as more than 100 died in single day.

Public Health England (PHE) appeared to provide hope that the UK lockdown could be scaled back after announcing that testing kits were being assessed for household use.

People are currently having to obey strict rules about remaining indoors in a bid to stall the spread of coronavirus.

Professor Yvonne Doyle, medical director at PHE, confirmed plans were in place for "a million tests that people can do themselves".

"In other words, members of the public will be able to take a blood test and send it back in the post and get that analysed," she told the health and social care committee on Thursday.

"That is an antibody test that tells you if you have had the condition.

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"That is absolutely critical for two reasons: to understand what is going on but also to allow people to return to work.

"That is well advanced but not ready yet. We need to be absolutely sure it is a valid test.

"We expect that to come within a couple of weeks but I wouldn't want to over promise on that, and I think the chief medical officer has been absolutely clear on it being right before it is put out."

Prof Doyle said immunity was thought to be at its "strongest" for 28 days after fighting off the disease, but the period of protection could be longer.

In the committee's first virtual session, health professionals were critical of delays in testing those on the front line of treating Covid-19 patients.

The Government has vowed that it will roll out more testing of doctors, nurses and care workers but has so far prioritised patient testing.

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