Coronavirus will last six months and masks won’t prevent spread, expert warns

An expert who predicted the spread of COVID-19 claims the pandemic will go on for six months and "there is no point wearing gloves and masks."

The US infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm told listeners on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, that with 125,743 confirmed cases of coronavirus, "things will only get worse."

He said: "It's just beginning.

"In terms of the hurt, pain, suffering, death that has happened so far is really just the beginning.

"This is going to unfold for months to come. We're gonna be in some hurt for the next few months."

When discussing coronavirus to other strains, he said it is "10-15 times worse than the worst seasonal flu season."

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He went on to say that wearing gloves and masks is "largely nonsense."

He also told host Joe Rogan the "whole issue of using your hands and touching your face" is most likely not the main way of passing the infection, and the data that suggests that the virus will be transmitted this way is "weak."

Mr Osterholm said the main way of contracting the virus is simply through breathing in the air, warning that surgical masks don't block small airborne particles from entering the nose the mouth.

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In the UK, the NHS also disputes how helpful face masks would be.

It says on its website: “Face masks play a very important role in places like hospitals, but there is very little evidence of widespread benefit for members of the public.”

So far, panic has ensued worldwide with two nations already on lockdown.

Measures are being taken in Europe where Italy is in total lockdown.

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This sees the closure of schools, public events and gathering and all business apart from pharmacies and grocers.

Denmark was the second country in Europe to go into total lockdown with all schools closed, and workers advised to work from home where possible.

The US has suspended travel from Europe to US, with the exception of the UK.

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