Council bans Platinum Jubilee bunting because its too heavy for lampposts

Jubilee bunting is being banned by council killjoys – because they say it is too heavy for lampposts.

Jobsworths claim it is not safe to hang featherweight flags from the posts and telegraph poles.

Portsmouth City Council wrote to street parties to state hand-size bunting could be a safety hazard.

Albie Somerset, who is planning a street party there, said: “This is ludicrous and a crazy ­decision by the council.

“We filled out all the forms and jumped through all the hoops to get the road closure.

“Now we’ve got a letter saying not to put bunting on telegraph poles. Are they not stable enough to hold some lightweight flags?”

The council warned that “no bunting is to be strung from telegraph poles”. Bunting attached elsewhere “must be at least 5.5 metres from the ground and of an easily-breakable nature, so if a fire engine comes through, the bunting doesn’t become a hazard”.

Bunting on lampposts is also banned for “safety reasons” in Bournemouth.

Local Jeff Williams said: “A two-year-old child could snap bunting string – but will our reinforced concrete lampposts cope with it?” Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council put a dampener on things when it told party ­organisers: “Lamp columns must not have any items attached to them as they are not designed for this purpose.”

The council added: “The safety of our public during the ­celebration is of paramount importance.”

Busybodies left the high street in Fleet, Hants, looking threadbare after just two tiny strings of bunting were allowed.

Coun Steve Forster said: “It’s sad but apparently the rules have changed on where it can be hung.”

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But Hampshire County Council said: “We need to check any ­requests to hang bunting will not compromise people’s safety. We have not changed the rules on where bunting can be hung.”

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