Couple left in stitches as ‘obscene’ message hidden on bedroom wall for years

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A couple have discovered "obscene" message that had remained hidden on their bedroom wall for almost 50 years.

Charlie King and Anna MacSwan couldn't believe their eyes when decorators revealed the words "Obscene acts took place here" and "Derek has a got a big p***k" hidden behind wallpaper in the bedroom of their new home in Sydenham, London.

The etchings, written by a couple referred to as "Derek and Di" and dated as 1973, also include a picture of a well endowed man.

It is thought the messages were written on the wall by the previous occupants at the property.

Now Charlie, a communications adviser, and Anna, a press officer, are determined to track down the saucy duo and invite them round.

"We're going to find them," Charlie, 32, said.

"I would love to have them round but they would have to behave themselves.

"I reckon we can track them down. We can even get Di to draw more pictures."

The alluring epitaph was uncovered a couple of weeks after Charlie and Anna got the keys to their new home.

"The whole house needs complete gutting and renovation," Charlie explained.

"Our builders have been stripping the aertex and wood chip, '70s mistakes Derek and Di may have been responsible for."

"We went round yesterday and the builders showed us the wall art that they had found."

The smutty series begins in 1973 with what Charlie described as "a very large picture of Derek's penis".

Alongside the striking image the words 'Derek has a huge p***k', 'I love Derek' and 'obscene acts took place here on September 1, 1973 with Derek and Di' have been tenderly scrawled.

Fast forward nine years and another message is added to the tale, in the form of a counter boast from a man called Pete.

Inside the rendering of Derek's monster phallus the words 'Pete's penis is much bigger 1984' can be read.

Charlie continued: "It's a real saga.

"We were speculating that people of the persuasion to graffiti their home with sexual graphic imagery in the '70s might be in their 60s or 70s now."

Builder Paul Dufty explained how the makeshift mural had slowly been revealed to him and a colleague piece-by-piece.

The Beaver Plastic Solutions workers played guess the word as the odd letter appeared beneath the wallpaper, before a small foot emerged.

Then the "rudimentary drawing of a chap" was uncovered as part of a wallpaper removal job that took four hours in total.

"You often find people writing their names or dates," explained Paul, who has 30 years experience in the industry.

"Sometimes contractors draw little pictures of each other. The picture of Derek seemed very 1970s, with this great big Edwardian moustache.

"It was just funny. We were wondering where it was a married couple, or contractors getting extras on the job."

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