Couples sex screams wake up street before neighbour cheers them for finishing

A disgruntled neighbour captured the hilarious moment a couple were screaming so loud during sex that they woke up the whole street.

The pair's excessively loud pleasure sounds were heard all the way across the street by a TikTok user who captured the moment on video and posted it online.

A woman’s grunts and moans echoed from the second-floor apartment, getting louder and louder throughout the video, which has now gained more than 10,000 views.

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The TikTok user, who posts on the app as @thegirlwiththenoseandeyes, tried her best not to laugh while recording the footage which she captioned: "Netflix & Chill."

However, social media users made no attempt to hide their amusement at the 44-second video as they took to the comments to give their opinions on it.

One person said: “If I heard that out my window I would actually cry.”

Another wrote: “Bro the whole neighbourhood probably heard that.”

A third quipped: “Which position do you guys think it was?”

A fourth commented: “I hope they know that their window is open and they are LOUD.”

However, the TikToker did appear to let her neighbours know she heard them by shouting "WOOH" out the window when she believed they had finished.

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The news comes after reports emerged of horny couples who love a good groan during sex prompted at least 168 noise complaints from neighbours last year.

In fact, some authorities installed recording equipment to assess the level of loudness from horny Brits.

Warwick Council received a complaint about an excessively loud pair being seen and heard in their kitchen with the window open and lights on.

In West Yorks, one person complained of a "loud sex noise with the bedroom window open so all the street can hear".

There was also a case of a headboard being banged against a wall repeatedly.


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