Covid 19 Delta outbreak: New locations of interest – Aucklands G.A.Y night club high risk

Auckland’s G.A.Y Nightclub has been revealed as the latest high-risk location linked to the Delta outbreak.

The club, located on Karangahape Rd in central Auckland, was visited by an infected person between 1.45am and 3am on Saturday January 8.

Anyone who was at the nightclub during that time is urged by the Ministry of Health to self-isolate and get tested immediately.

They were also told to record their visit online or call Healthline so contact tracers can get in touch.

This afternoon the Ministry of Health updated its locations of interest site.

More times were listed under Auckland’s Roxy Bar, which appeared on the site last night as high risk.

Anyone who was at the bar between 10pm on Wednesday January 5 and 4am on Thursday January 6 was told to self-isolate and get tested immediately.

It comes as top officials have warned Omicron is likely to enter the community in the Super City in the next two to three weeks,

Covid vaccination programme clinical director Dr Anthony Jordan cited modeller Michael Plank and epidemiologist Michael Baker estimating that the highly transmissible variant could be found in Auckland’s community within the next three weeks.

This estimate is based on the number of Omicron cases that had been found at the border.

“The more people you have at the border [with Omicron], the greater the likelihood a case could slip through,” he said.

Today, there were 28 new community cases of Covid to report, and 13 at the border.

The community cases were in Auckland (9), Waikato (3), Bay of Plenty (5), Lakes (2), Wairarapa (4), Hutt Valley (2), Canterbury (3).

There were 34 people in hospital with Covid-19. Four were in Auckland’s North Shore, eight were at Auckland City, 17 were at Middlemore, four were in Tauranga and one is in Waikato.

Two remain in intensive care units fighting the virus. They are at Middlemore and Tauranga hospitals.

The average age of people in hospital fighting the virus is 49 years old.

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