Covid 19 Omicron outbreak: New locations of interest in Auckland, Nelson Airport, Gisborne McDonalds

A number of new locations of interest have been published by the Ministry of Health, including an Auckland clothing story, Nelson Airport and a Gisborne McDonald’s.

Shoppers at Connor in Botany Town Centre in East Tamaki on Friday January 28 between 12.15pm and 10pm are being asked to monitor for symptoms for 10 days after the potential exposure, and to get a test if symptoms arrive, and to stay home until they get a negative test.

Those at Nelson Airport on January 26 from 3-4.30pm, or Health 2000 on Trafalgar St in Nelson between 4.12pm and 4.22pm are being asked to do the same.

Another exposure event is listed at Nelson Airport on January 28 from 6.25am to 7.45am.

There are no new locations of interest classed as high risk so far.

McDonald’s Gisborne, on 30 Bright St, was visited by a positive case from 6.50pm to 8.45pm on January 25. People who were there are being should follow the same advice.

Hunterville Park and rest toilet on January 27 is also a location of interest where people are being asked to watch for symptoms for the 10 subsequent days.

Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium was earlier listed multiple times, with those in one section of the aquarium being classed as close contacts.

The aquarium’s cafe was visited by a positive case on Tuesday January 25 between 11.45am and 12.30pm – anyone who was in the café at the same time is now classed as a close contact and must self isolate and test immediately, then again on day 5.

Anyone in the aquarium on the same day between 11am and 1pm should monitor themselves for symptoms and get tested if any are present.

It comes as 103 new community cases of the virus were recorded in New Zealand yesterday, and one new death.

The person who died was in their 70s, had a number of underlying health conditions and had been receiving appropriate ward-level care at Auckland’s North Shore Hospital.

New Zealanders have been told to expect the majority of new cases to be the Omicron variant, due to its high transmissibility. It’s anticipated case numbers will double every three days.

The new locations come as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Governor-General Dame Cindy Kiro remain in isolation after they took a flight from Kerikeri to Auckland with a confirmed case last Saturday. Both have tested negative but will remain isolated until February 1 as per Ministry of Health guidelines.

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