Crazy moment wanted mans found by cops hiding in wardrobe with blanket on head

A wanted man bas been found hiding in a wardrobe with a blanket on his head.

Police posted pictures of the 36-year-old – being given away in the cupboard by his “big feet” and curled up on a sofa with the throw still covering most of his body.

The man was arrested on suspicion of a string of thefts.

Officers wrote on Facebook: “If we can find you hiding in the loft? If we will run through garden fences to arrest you?

“Are we not going to look in the cupboard? Would we not recognise you hiding under a blanket?”

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The safer neighbourhood team at Swadlincote, Derbyshire, were searching for a suspect for crimes across the south of the county.

They added: “SNT have been out again doing their early ­morning door knocks for
wanted offenders.

“Despite being told the offender was not at the address, officers still searched the address. A 36-year-old male has been arrested after being found hiding in the cupboard under a blanket, his big feet gave him away.

“One more charged and remanded for committing thefts in South Derbyshire.”

Sgt Tarj Nizzer said: “If you run from Swadlincote Police you will only go to jail tired – in this case he had his blanket ready for his sleep in the cell.”

People mocked the man on social media, comparing him to the not-so-bright Father Dougal McGuire in the hit TV comedy Father Ted.

Cath Dodge said: “The hide-and-seek skills of Father Dougal.”

Julie Goodwin added: “These are the stories that you tell in the pub. I have a few that no-one would believe, being a nurse. As they say, you couldn’t make it up!”

Steve Johnson said: “A true criminal mastermind.

“Thank goodness most of these criminals are also thick!”

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