Creepy plane wreckage left abandoned on mountain discovered by two walkers

A creepy abandoned plane wreckage has been discovered up a mountain by two walkers who were out for a stroll.

Pamela Aitken and pal Kathryn Gaffney were walking near Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland, when they stumbled across the debris and couldn't believe their eyes on Sunday.

They first noticed large chunks of mountain on Irish Law Mountain and began to take pictures.

Before long, they discovered that they had in fact come across the wreckage of a plane.

It is believed to be the remains of the British European Airways Flight S200P which crashed on April, 21 1948, reports DailyRecord.

The short-haul flight carried 20 passengers from London-Northolt Airport to Glasgow-Renfrew Airport before plunging into Irish Law Mountain.

No one died in the accident, but 13 people were left injured, and the aircraft was damaged beyond repair.

Pamela said: "My friend Kathryn and I found another plane wreckage on our local hills, would you believe it."

"I couldn’t believe how much of it was still there and some parts were all still intact.

"My friend and hill walking buddy, Kathryn have been out exploring all of our local hills as we can’t get further afield just now."

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Sharing the scene on social media, Facebook users were quick to respond with their thoughts.

One person said: "You would think that the wreckage would have been removed for air accident investigation by the CAA."

A second person said: "I did not know aircraft wreckage was on Scottish mountains to be honest.

"I would have thought aircraft engineers would have recovered any wreckage to discover cause of the airplane crash."

A third person added: "As a lad, growing up in Largs, my pals and I used to roam far and wide over the high ground between Largs and Kilbarchan in search of “the crashed planes”.

This week marks the 7th anniversary of flight MH370, which mysteriously vanished on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The plane has never been found after it took an unexplained detour, with investigators believing it crashed into the Indian Ocean west of Australia after running out of fuel.

However, new evidence has sparked calls for a renewed search.

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