Cruel hackers trap bloke’s penis in internet-connected chastity belt

The Cellmate Chastity Cage is an internet-connected sex toy for couples – but for one bloke it went horribly wrong.

It fits around the genitals of a submissive man, and enables his partner to lock and unlock it remotely.

But when hackers gained access to the Chinese-made gadget’s internet protocols, they were able to lock the device remotely, and demand a ransom from their trapped victims.

Shocked owners of the Cellmate were sent an email demanding 0.02 Bitcoin – worth around £200 at the time of the hack, according to reports.

Internet security experts had already predicted the Cellmate’s vulnerability, but it was too late for some unlucky users.

One of those unlucky sex toy users was Sam Summers. He told Vice magazine that when the device first locked itself, he thought that his girlfriend was responsible and "It sounds silly, but I got a bit excited by it."

However, he soon realise that it was nothing to do with her – and he was soon contacted by the hackers.

Once he got the ransom demand, Sam tried to work out how to unlock it: "I started looking at the thing. There's no manual override at all. It's a chastity belt…”

Manufacturers Qiui say the device can be unlocked in an emergency by using a screwdriver, but Sam sent his girlfriend to a harry hardware store for a pair of bolt cutters: “"I don't have a scar or anything but I was bleeding and it f*****g hurt.”

Sam says that after injuring himself with the bolt-cutters, he was unable to have sex for around a month.

But there’s some longer-term damage too. Sam says the experience has changed his mind about the whole idea of internet-connected sex toys: “A stranger coming into that world that's supposed to be just you … and you and your partner, or you and someone else," he said.

"And they are there without your consent. They're doing that to you, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Jake Guo, chief executive of Qiui who make the toy, previously said: "Although an 'unpermitted escape' is not part of the rules of the game, the Cellmate has two emergency escape possibilities."

He said customers can contact the company's hotline or use a screwdriver.

He added: "We sincerely apologise for the security flaw that was discovered in the Qiui app version 2.0 and the bad impression this made."

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