Cuban YouTuber arrested on live TV as furious citizens protest long food queues

A video appears to show the moment a vocal anti-government YouTube star is arrested in Cuba while talking about the protests live on Spanish TV.

In the clip, social media activist Dina Stars is sitting in front of her computer as she talks to news anchor Marta Flich on the show Todo Es Mentira.

The YouTuber is warned by a friend that police are outside and want her to leave with them to a police station in Havana.

She then frantically tells Marta: "Security is out there… I have to go out."

Before she goes, she stands up and says: "I make the government responsible for whatever happens to me.

"They’re forcing me to go with them. I have to go."

Her friend then sits down in the seat and Marta asks if she can film the arrest outside.

"I'm going to try," she says, and then Marta adds "obviously don't endanger yourself but if we can hear the conversation…"

Unfortunately, it seems the friend was unable to get a recording.

On Sunday, July 11, protests erupted in Havana as citizens complained about long queues for basic necessities like food and accused the government, led by Miguel Díaz-Canel, of not doing enough to support people in the coronavirus pandemic.

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Cuba, which is under US sanctions, has been developing its own Covid vaccine, called Abdalla, that it said had shown 92% efficiency but cases of the virus have been soaring in recent weeks and it the rollout has been slow.

Dina was at Sunday's anti-government marches and uploaded videos of herself on social media.

The YouTuber is one of about 148 people who have been detained amid the protests, according to Cubalex, a US-based organisation of human rights lawyers.

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Cuba's communist rulers alleged the protests were "organised and financed" by the US.

Meanwhile, ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa had voiced her support for the Cuban protests in a fiery Instagram post.

The 28-year-old said: "I'll never step foot in Cuba until it's free.

"The government's value on tourism over their own people is disgusting and should be boycotted.

"What will they do will [sic] all the lobster if there's no tourists to eat it? They'll have to feed it to the people, I guess."

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