Cute cat needs £5,000 surgery after being dumped and left with broken jaw

An adorable cat flown from Oman to London after being dumped by his owners needs £5,000 surgery after being left with a broken jaw.

Biff is a four-year-old Turkish Angora mix rescued from the Gulf country but he is now in need of life-changing surgery after arriving in the UK with serious health issues.

The adorable moggie was dumped by his original owners in capital city, Muscat, and was left in a cage where he was later found dehydrated, hungry, and weak.

As there are no animal charities in Oman, he was rescued by Lesley, who placed him with a local foster family, before eventually flying him to the UK, where he was adopted in August by new owner, Kim Burrows.

However, when Kim picked Biff up from Heathrow Airport, it became evident that he was ill and was struggling to eat and breathe. He was also coughing a lot.

After rushing him to a vet, Kim soon discovered the cat was suffering from an ear infection, and a parasite called microplasma. The furry feline also had a broken jaw.

Biff underwent urgent treatment to fight his infections and viruses, was put on a drip, and was then taken to surgery where his lower jaw was operated on, with a wire added.

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While the surgery was partially successful, Biff’s mouth still could not completely close and further X-rays revealed that the top of his jaw was also broken and the part connecting the upper and lower jaw was broken too.

The fluffy companion will now need to undergo more surgery, CT scans and specialists, which will cost up to £5,000. This is on top of the £1,150 that his initial treatment and medications have already cost owner Kim.

Biff still struggles to eat and drink properly, and his broken jaw means that his mouth is always partially open, leaving his tongue hanging out, and he constantly salivates.

He needs to be groomed to stop his dribbled-on fur matting, and is constantly at risk of dehydration.

Kim has since set up a Go Fund Me page to raise the much-needed money to cover Biff's medical costs, which can be found here.

In return for generous donations, Kim promises plenty of adorable photos of the cute cat.

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