Dachshunds perform adorable happy feet dance whenever they go on boat trip

Two adorable dachshunds brought joy to viewers' hearts after performing a happy feet dance on a boat.

Tilda and Greta, both American miniature dachshunds, decided to stand at the front of the boat when their owner, Carola Sander, took them out for a fun ride.

In a video posted on to their dedicated channel on Instagram, 11-year-old Greta leans on the gunnel of the boat while looking down to the water as they sail in Lemmer, Netherlands.

The excited dog couldn't contain her excitement and starts tapping her tiny feet rhythmically on the board.

Her claws hit the board, making the little "clink" noise as she repeatedly lifts her left hind leg, then the right.

Her pal Tilda, a nine-year-old brown dachshund, joins the dance as well and they both wag their tails happily while enjoying the breeze that brushes through the fur.

Greta might be too focused looking for a fish in the water and almost pushes Tilda down to the side of the bow.

The video has been widely shared by other animal page, with more than six million views and dog lovers said it's the cutest sight they've ever seen from a dachshund.

One viewer said: "This is the best thing I've ever seen this week!"

"They are wiggling their tiny little butts, how cute!" another wrote.

A third added: "They are like clapping hands, but with their tails. They are the cutest Dachshunds I've ever seen."

"Their tiny tippy toes tapping! You should put life jackets on them, what if they jump in the water?" a fourth commented.

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