Dad fumes after McDonalds order comes with huge cockroach as Happy Meal Toy

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An Australian dad fumed after he said his daughter opened up her McDonald's Happy Meal only to find a huge cockroach looking back at her.

The dad, who called the disgusting critter a "live toy," claims to have ordered from the Hurstville McDonald's in Sydney, and had the food delivered by Uber Eats.

"Straya – where you get a free live toy with every Happy Meal, delivered by Uber Eats to the wrong address," he wrote on Reddit, where he vented his frustration.

He later added: "This little guy enjoyed his Happy Meal. My daughter, not so much."

The man theorised that while the meal sat on someone else's porch the critter crawled in.

The images he uploaded show the dark brown beastie crawling on his daughter's chips.

"I'm Australian and should be used to them I guess, but give me snakes, spiders and rats over cockroaches any day. Those things are unspeakably revolting," the man wrote in the comments.

"Weirdly, if there had been a spider in it I reckon I’d be way less grossed out."

He claims to have received the order 30 minutes late after it was delivered to the incorrect address.

"My guess is he crawled in while our food was sitting on the front porch of the wrong address for half an hour," he added.

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"Christ, driver's car must of been a dumpster fire, I reckon that's the only way it got in there," one person wrote.

"I would've died, the sight of those especially if one's inside my house just instils absolute disgust and anxiety in me," another added.

A third wrote: "Brit here, I saw one crossing the road at Kings Cross when I was last in 'Straya.

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"It managed to make it without getting squished. That was enough for me!"

A McDonald's spokesperson said the company has reached out to the customer on social media and is working with their delivery partners to look into the situation further.

They added: "McDonald’s takes food and drink safety extremely seriously and we are disappointed to hear of the customer’s experience.

"Our employees follow strict cleaning, sanitisation, quality control and hygiene procedures to ensure our food and our restaurants remain safe for our staff and customers.

"We will look into this incident with our delivery partners, as part of our commitment to ongoing service improvements."

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