Dad ‘killed daughters then dumped them in ocean’ to cause mum ‘inhumane pain’

A dad believed to have killed his two children did so to cause their mum "inhumane pain", a judge has ruled.

The body of his daughter Olivia, six, was found in a sports bag more than 3,000ft underwater on Thursday (June 10), next to a second holdall which was empty.

Tomas Gimeno, 37, is accused of murdering the child as well as his youngest daughter Anna, one, who is still missing but presumed dead.

He disappeared with his kids on April 27 in Tenerife, Spain.

Police believe he drugged and killed them at his home before putting them in separate holdalls and taking their bodies out to sea.

The judge investigating the case, Priscila Espinosa Guterriez, said Gimeno vanished after telling his ex, Beatriz Zimmerman, she would never see her children again.

He made the remarks after she began a new relationship with a wealthy Belgian man named locally as Eric Domb, 60.

Gimero had allegedly taken the boat he is thought to have used to dump their bodies on a “test run” earlier on the day.

She said the evidence pointed to his intention being to “kill them in a planned and premeditated fashion to cause his ex-partner inhumane pain”.

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She added: “He allegedly deliberately tried to create uncertainty regarding the fate his daughters had suffered by hiding their bodies on the ocean bed after killing them, choosing a place deep underwater and far from the coast where he thought they would never be found.

“All this happened after he told his ex-partner and his close circle he was going to disappear with the girls and they wouldn’t be seen again.”

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Olivia, who died of pulmonary edema, was at a tennis class when Gimeno did the test run after picking his daughters up from school.

He was filmed on CCTV carrying the sports bags he allegedly stuffed his daughters’ bodies into from his Audi A3 to his boat at a marina in the Tenerife capital Santa Cruz.

The empty vessel, minus the anchor, was discovered off Puertito de Guimar on the east corner of the island just over 10miles south of Santa Cruz hours after they vanished.

Investigators found a diving bottle and duvet cover belonging to Gimeno more than 3,000 feet underwater near the same area.

Meanwhile, medicine packets containing sedatives and muscle relaxants were discovered in his living room.

The judge ruled the ongoing criminal investigation should be handed to a specialist domestic violence court.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez was among the stars who used their social media accounts to highlight the girls’ disappearance in the days after they went missing

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