Dalmation puppy trains to become a firefighter in adorable footage

A video shows an excited firefighting Dalmatian puppy train alongside its colleagues who are in full uniform after joining their ranks last month.

Marshall the Dalmatian is a treasured member of the Seville Fire Department located in the village of Seville in Medina County in the US state of Ohio.

In the clip, the spotty dog wags his tail as he follows one of his human co-workers who is pushing equipment in the station's gym.

Firefighters in full are running on treadmills in the background.

The puppy jumps around and eagerly as he watches everything that is going on with curiosity.

The fire department said that Marshall, who lives at the fire station after arriving in early October, will become a certified therapy K-9 specialising in fire prevention training.

The Seville-Guilford Fire & EMS wrote on Facebook: "Sunday night crew working hard to stay in shape!

"Marshall is helping too! Strong work guys!"

Unsurprisingly, the adorable clip went down with dog lovers who reckoned that Marshall was an excellent addition to the team.

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During the era of horse-drawn fire carts, Dalmatians were used to run alongside the horses to keep them calm and move people away from the road.

Their loud barks also acted as "sirens" to let residents know that fire crews were on their way.

Horses were usually spooked being close to the blazes and the Dalmatians would help to calm them while also protecting the crew’s carts and equipment.

Dalmatians soon became a common addition to fire stations and a symbol of the service.

This comes after a beautiful Dalmation dog gave birth to a whopping 18 puppies – more than double the usual litter size for the breed.

Nellie endured 14 hours of labour and her owner Louise was relieved when it was all over.

She said: "I’m immensely proud of her, she's been amazing."

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