Dangerous con who jumped jail pictured in bed with girlfriend while on the run

A thief who escaped prison was pictured having breakfast in bed with his girlfriend while on the run from the law.

Sam Hawkins, 34 escaped from HMP Sudbury in Derbyshire last month and was seen walking down the A515, towards the Peak District.

He was recaptured five days after his escape, but not before he allegedly met up with his girlfriend Danielle Foster.

The day before his escape, he posted on Facebook that he was going to marry Danielle.

Despite being labelled by local police as a "dangerous criminal", Miss Foster changed her Facebook profile picture, albeit temporarily, to show the pair in bed eating toast.

A source close to the situation told MailOnline: "Danielle has four kids and only got with him whilst he was in prison.

"She has never seen him on the outside so this picture must be recent.

"Up until now the only pictures she has shared of him are ones from prison calls."

Hawkins was jailed for his part in a London gang where all seven members were put in prison for around 50 years in June 2019.

They were known to be experts in ripping cash machines out of shops, as well as committing multiple residential burglaries.

He was was two years into a nine-and-a-half year sentence for burglary, theft, and driving offences.

Alongside one other gang member, he was caught on camera escaping HMP Sudbury – a minimal security prison – on October 10, at 10.15pm, before heading in the direction of the Peak District.

Apparently, after his escape became known around the prison, others attempted to do the same – and two more succeeded.

Arsonist Adam Curtling, 35, fled, while drug dealer Robert Shannon Smith, 28, never returned having been let out on a temporary licence.

HMP Sudbury can hold up to 581 prisoners and has minimal security as offenders have been risk-assessed and ironically trusted not to escape.

Prisoners eligible for day release can apply to spend most of their day away from the facility for work, education or other purposes.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Police told the Daily Star: "Sam Hawkins and Darren McKay who were wanted for absconding from Sudbury prison are no longer being sought by officers.

"Hawkins was found in London while McKay was found in Hertfordshire. Thank you to all who shared our appeal."

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