Denver Chance murder trial delayed for day after 607 crime scene photos emerge

The emergence of hundreds of crime scene photos not previously disclosed to lawyers in the Denver Chance murder case has delayed the trial.

“Unbeknownst to the lawyers, or to police, there are additional scene photos that were taken by ESR witnesses that have only just come to light,” Justice Melanie Harland told jurors today.

Jay Christopher Lingman has pleaded not guilty to murder and has started giving evidence in his own defence at Auckland High Court.

Justice Harland said 607 photos were not disclosed earlier.

The photos may or may not be relevant to the case, the court heard.

“All relevant material needs to be disclosed to counsel prior to a trial,” the judge added.

The photos would not be available until at least late this morning.

“It would be cleaner if we simply started tomorrow,” Justice Harland added.

She apologised to jurors but said the murder trial was still expected to finish this week.

Chance was killed at Lingman’s property in 2019.

The Crown and defence have both said Lingman and Chance were connected through the illegal drug underworld.

The extent of Chance’s involvement in narcotics has not been agreed.

The trial continues.

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