Denver interior designer publishes book showcasing vibrant designs

Andrea Schumacher wants to add more color to the world.

The Denver-based interior designer — who has a showroom in Lincoln Park and another in Santa Barbara, California — recently published “Vibrant Interiors: Living Large at Home,” a coffee table book showcasing the best of Andrea Schumacher Interiors.

“I’ve always wanted to memorialize my work, and a book was the best way to do just that,” Schumacher says.

“I used the guidance of my book agent and publisher to carefully choose projects that showed the breadth of our work. I worked with a writer and then tweaked the story to explain our thought process in every detail. It was a labor of love!”

With over 20 years of experience and two degrees in interior design, Schumacher has worked on commercial, residential, and television projects across the U.S.

Schumacher launched her business in 1999 and moved into her 3,300-square-foot showroom on Santa Fe Drive five years ago. She employs 18 and opened the Santa Barbara office three years ago for employees to use when they travel to California for work.

Creating timeless interiors

Her mission at Andrea Schumacher Interiors is to create timeless interiors using a vibrant mix of textures, styles, and colors. To do that, Schumacher uses a three-step process:

  • Determine the project’s scope: Identify the client’s needs, the intended use of the space, and other relevant factors such as budget, timeline, and style preferences.
  • Develop initial design concepts using information from the site visit and client discussions. This includes selecting color schemes, materials, furniture, and accessories that align with the client’s style preferences and the intended use of the space.
  • Review the design proposal with the client to allow them to provide input and make any necessary revisions.

For example, Schumacher used a Rocky Mountains meets the Hamptons vibe for a Denver project featured in her book.

The home incorporates a beachy, resort-like atmosphere with a bold, black-trimmed exterior, using modern custom pieces and repurposed furniture.

Moving beyond neutral

Schumacher and her designers want to move people beyond neutral. But she recommends not having colorful rooms adjoining each other.

“For a striking interior, let one room be rich against more neutral rooms,” she says.

When working with clients, she helps them determine their color threshold.

“There are so many ways to use color, whether it’s a completely saturated room, or keeping the room neutral and adding layers of color with removable items, such as pillows or art,” she says.

Schumacher prefers to set rather than follow trends. Many of her clients want to create a worldly, traveled look to their homes.

“We infuse pieces from all over and blend them with modern pieces to create a fully-customized and curated look.”

“Vibrant Interiors: Living Large at Home” is available on Schumacher’s website or from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Serena & Lily.

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