Denver Issue 2C: Denver City Council professional services

This measure would, if approved, allow Denver City Council to hire professionals, like an outside attorney, without approval of the mayor. The contracted professionals could be used for anything council needs to carry out its responsibilities.

The case for: Council members have said they would benefit from the use of outside attorneys to investigate certain issues when the city attorney — who also represents the mayor and other city officials — might not offer the most objective input. This would also allow the council to hire experts not employed by the city, without prior approval of the mayor, to advise them on zoning, environmental, and other issues.

The case against: The hiring of outside professionals would cost more money than if the council would rely on city employees for its work. It could also prolong certain issues, since seeking and hiring those professionals would take time and effort.

Ballot question: “Shall the Charter of the City and County of Denver be amended to give City Council the authority to procure for professional services without executive branch approval?”

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