Denver Issue 2I: Denver County clerk appointees

This measure would allow the elected Denver County clerk and recorder to appoint four people to positions within the office. Currently the clerk is allowed to appoint a deputy and two others, and this measure would increase the total clerk appointees to five.

The case for: This would give the clerk greater independence in establishing his or her administration and bypass the typical hiring processes for city employees to hire the right people for the job.

The case against: Additional employees could receive higher salaries than regular city employees, therefore costing Denver taxpayers more money. In addition, because appointees serve at the pleasure of those appointing them, they can be susceptible to political influence.

Ballot question: “Shall the Charter of the City and County of Denver be amended to clarify that the Clerk and Recorder may appoint four at-will employees in addition to the Deputy, all of whom shall be exempt from the career service personnel system?”

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