Denver weather: June expected to be dry with above normal temperatures

June is a fantastic month in Colorado. Mountain passes begin to open up for the season, certain ski areas open for summer operations, certain ski areas still allow skiing (looking at you A-Basin), 14ers become more accessible and temperatures in Denver go from nice and warm to pretty hot.

June brings some very interesting weather with it and regardless of whether you’ve lived here for a while or if you are new, it’s best to know what to expect.

The average high temperature in Denver at the beginning of June is 77 degrees. By the end of the month, it’s normal for us to have highs near 87 degrees, meaning that temperatures can, of course, be way hotter than that and also much cooler than that depending on the daily weather and the given pattern at the time.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Denver during the month of June is a fiery 105 degrees. We’ve felt this mercury level once in 2018 and twice during June 2012. Coincidentally, 105 degrees is also the city’s highest temperature ever recorded for any time of the year.

Denver averages six 90-degree-or-hotter days throughout June and on average we don’t see any 100-degree days, but as noted before, that can happen from time to time. The average first 90-degree reading comes around June 10. The coldest temperatures we’ve ever felt during the month of June was 30 degrees way back in 1951, but temperatures dropping into the 40s and 50s is much more typical during the nighttime hours.

As far as precipitation goes, June is our third wettest month of the year, behind May and July, with 1.94 inches of precipitation expected. Summer thunderstorms and the beginning of the monsoon season are how the Mile High City picks up moisture this month.

There have been extremely wet Junes, such as June 1882, when 4.96 inches of rain was recorded. And there have been extremely dry Junes, such as in 1916 when only a trace of rain was recorded for the entire month.

Denver can get all types of weather this month. Yes, even snow. Snow has fallen numerous times over the years but has never accumulated to more than 0.4 inches during any specific event.

The most prominent types of weather we see make headlines throughout June are heat, flooding, tornadoes, hail and injuries caused by lightning strikes.

June 2021, according to predictions from the Climate Prediction Center, is looking like it will be a dry one with above normal temperatures more likely than not.

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