Denver weather: Several days in the 60s are on the way in possible record heat

You can forget about it feeling like winter for a little while in much of Colorado. Another abnormally warm air mass for this time of year has started to build over the region.

Temperatures will continue to soar as high as 15 to 20 degrees above normal through the middle of the week. In the Denver area, this will equate to highs flirting with, or surpassing the 60 degree mark each of the next four afternoons.

This will be the perfect weather pattern for enjoying some time outdoors, at a time of year that can easily be quite cold and unpleasant. But just how unusual are 60 degree temperatures during the month of December? It is not as rare as you may think.

Over the long term, Denver averages two December days that reach the 60 degree mark. Some years it fails to happen at all, while in other years, it has happened as many as fifteen times. Four days hitting 60 would be above the long term average, but would also fall well within the range of December weather history in Denver.

The most recent December with a considerable amount of very warm days was in 2017, when Denver reached 60 or higher on nine separate afternoons.

As is typically the case when talking about highs this far above average, the potential for record warmth will exist in Denver this week. The warm pattern looks to peak on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is when record highs will be threatened.

Here are the records to beat for those two days:

  • Tue Dec. 8 – 67 degrees (set in 1980)
  • Wed. Dec 9 – 66 degrees (set in 1980)

This warm week is consistent with the long range forecast for the month of December in Colorado. In late November, the Climate Prediction Center called for a warm and dry month region-wide. That forecast is certainly verifying thus far.

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