Denvers Meow Wolf will soon have an cocktail bar, Sips (with a Z)

Visitors to Meow Wolf in Denver will soon be able to order a Cosmo to pair with their journey through the cosmos, when the immersive art installation opens its first full bar onsite.

The bar, called Sips (with a Z), will take over about 3,300 square feet of previously unused real estate on Meow Wolf’s second floor – near the music venue and the Hello Cafe – selling primarily cocktails, but also beer, wine and snacks like flatbreads.

The concept is a riff on an executive travel lounge, which aligns with the installation’s overall theme, Convergence Station. But like everything else at Meow Wolf, it’s hardly that simple.

Spokesperson Erin Barnes elaborated that the design juxtaposes high-brow and street art elements so that everyone feels embraced by the artwork no matter their vibe. The aesthetic includes mirrored walls, vintage furniture, neon signs, and classical sculptures.

“We want people to feel comfortable going in a tuxedo or sneakers, either way,” she said.

As for the name, that’s also a tongue-in-cheek play on trendy bar branding, such as a place that might otherwise be called “Sipz,” Barnes said. (For example, there’s a spot in Dallas called Stirr.) The name was conceptualized by Convergence Station’s creative director Chadney Everett and Meow Wolf co-founder Matt King, who died last July.

Sips (with a Z) is expected to open this fall near the venue’s second anniversary in September and will be accessible exclusively to Meow Wolf ticket holders.

“Come unwind with an artfully crafted cocktail in this stunning reinterpretation of Earthly elegance, designed by alien decorators with a unique perspective on human sophistication,” Everett said in a statement. “Cheers to bridging the gap between quantum travel and supreme Earther comfort!”

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