Desperate car drivers cling to roofs as they are washed away by flash flood

Flash flooding In Zaragoza

A violent storm has caused major flooding in Zaragoza, Spain, making rescue efforts difficult and causing parked cars to be washed away by the raging water as their desperate owners cling to the roofs.

The dramatic rescue of a woman during a downpour was captured on camera, illustrating the gravity of the situation.

Contrary to expectations of high temperatures and beautiful sky, the Iberian Peninsula has recently seen wet weather conditions with, May, June, and even July have been dominated by rain and storms.

Many people have been left stuck in their cars that are being swept away by floodwaters in various parts of the city as a result of the heavy rain that has been falling over the past few hours.

For an hour, the tram service had to be put on hold, and bus routes in several rain-affected Zaragoza neighbourhoods had to be changed.

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Parque Venecia is one of the seriously impacted areas where individuals are stranded inside their cars, according to a warning from the Zaragoza City Council.

Divers from the Fire Department have been sent to the location to assist.

Despite the widespread property damage, there haven’t been any recorded deaths or missing persons as of yet.

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In the storm-affected sections of the Aragonese capital, more than 200 people, including personnel of the Fire Brigade, Local Police, cleanup crews, and divers, continued their work on Friday morning.

Firefighters and divers had to become involved to help with the rescue because the waterspout had damaged the infrastructure and trapped several people inside their cars.

12 people who were stranded in their cars or had taken cover in trees to escape being carried away by the water were successfully rescued by emergency services.

In addition, eight people, including four minors, were evacuated from two homes as a precaution due to water entry.

Zaragoza’s mayor, Natalia Chueca, evaluated the extent of the damage caused by the “torrential rain” and provided specific measurements, stating that within ten minutes, 20 liters of rainfall per square meter were recorded, and within one hour, it reached 56 liters per square meter.

She emphasised that this intense storm led to flooding, particularly in the Parque Venecia area, but also affected other parts of the city due to the extraordinary and uncommon amount of rainfall.

Mayor Chueca expressed solidarity with the residents who were caught off guard by the sudden downpour and shared their accounts of the panic experienced during the rainfall and subsequent rescue operations.

She stressed the city’s goal was to return to normalcy as soon as possible

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