Desperate mum cant wash disabled daughter as flood covers bathroom in slime

A mum-of-three said she can't wash her disabled daughter because her wet room is constantly flooding with a "slime" substance floating across the floor.

Rhea Lawrence, from Merton, said her family are too "embarrassed" to let people into their home due to their only bathroom being out of access at their flat, which is run by Clarion Housing Association.

The mum, who lives in a two-bedroom property with her kids, said her home has suffered from on-and-off flooding for seven years, with mould caked into their walls.

She said the mucky conditions have taken a toll on her 11-year-old daughter who has autism, ADHD and sensory processing disorder and suffers from meltdowns due to being unable to shower.

The working mum said the conditions are so bad that she had to throw away her families Christmas presents after mould invaded her cupboards.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the mum said: "We are left with a flooded bathroom we are unable to use unless we walk through smelly old water to get to the toilet.

"We have mould on most of our walls which every time I treat it comes back in a week or two which also affects my children's health.

"There are always puddles on the window seals and the walls are always wet."

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Rhea went on to say that she finds it "distressing" when she has to watch her eldest daughter get "upset" over the faulty shower.

"It affects her by not letting her stick to her daily routine which means she has more meltdowns and anger because she can't be regulated," she said.

"We have to cause her upset by either not giving her daily showers or visiting different relatives to use their wash facilities."

The mum added that the longest time the shower has been fixed for is a couple of months before it happens again.

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Her dad has managed to temporarily fix the shower but says the housing association need a more permanent solution.

"[Clarion] promise me people will arrive to fix the shower but they normally don't turn up but expect me to take days off [ work] to wait in for them to come," she said.

"[Sometimes] they send an electrician out first and say we need a plumber who then says we need an electrician. It goes round in circles."

She added: "We hate living there, we don't feel like we can have anyone around because we are disgusted by the condition of the property.

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"No matter what we do. It doesn't improve in any way."

Clarion Housing said they tried to visit the property last month but no one answered the door. Rhea has since denied their claims and said she was home isolating with Covid-19 so would have noticed if someone had knocked.

A spokesperson for the housing association told the Daily Star: “We are committed to ensuring Ms Lawrence’s household is as comfortable as possible in their home and have carried out a number of repairs to the wet room.

"Most recently we discovered the waste water was not draining away properly and arranged for our drainage contractor to attend.

"Unfortunately when they visited on 24th January, there was no answer.

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"They visited again four days later and were still not provided access. We will complete the work when access is granted.

"We have visited separately to inspect and treat the mould.”

In response to their statement, the mum added: "I was off work with Covid and no one attended my property or called.

"There has many dates where they have said they would attend and it has been days that I have had to work so I have my dad stay in my property for the day and they never arrive."

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Rhea says she has also complained to Merton Council and told them that her children have been crammed in a two-bed property despite medical professionals urging that her disabled daughter would benefit from having her own room.

A spokesperson for Merton Council told the Daily Star: “We sympathise with Ms Lawrence’s situation and have put her family on a high level of medical priority on our housing register.

"Our housing enforcement team currently has no record of complaints of disrepair from Ms Lawrence but we will of course follow up and raise with Clarion any complaint made.”

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