Devastated mum told she has months to live just days after beating breast cancer

A devastated mum has been told by doctors she has less than six months to live just days after being told she had successfully beaten breast cancer.

Amanda Buchan was told she had beaten cancer just 17 days before her gut-wrenching diagnosis as medics confirmed the disease had spread to her brain.

Despite the terrible news, the mum-of-one is planning to have her dream wedding with partner Daniel Bullock and is even moving her 40th birthday forward to this month.

Amanda, 39, from Dyce, Aberdeen, was first diagnosed with rare triple-negative breast cancer in October 2020 and underwent six grueling sessions of chemotherapy, MirrorOnline reports.

At the time, she and her family were also caring for her dad, David, who had been diagnosed with terminal mesothelioma at 60.

Amanda said: "Obviously, at the time, the family was going through a terminal ordeal because of my dad. He passed away on December 7.

"So our family was already in upheaval and then I dropped my bombshell, that I had this cancer. It really kind of hit the rollercoaster of emotions that we were in. So we were all being pulled in so many different directions."

After a surgery that removed part of her left breast and all lymph nodes, doctors informed Amanda they had managed to get all of the cancer.

She said: "I got part of my breast removed and I got full lymph nodes clearance in my left side because of tumours within lymph nodes.

"And then I was five weeks out of surgery, I got told by my surgeon that I was cancer-free. They had got rid of all the cancer.

"I’d been out for lunch with my stepmum and felt absolutely brilliant. And then when I came home, that night I had a bit of a sore head. And then I took a really bad seizure.

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"I got admitted into hospital and it was the very next day they broke the news that it was secondary breast cancer to the brain.

"The prognosis was three to six months to live, terminal. It was just 17 days. That's all we got."

With the prognosis, Amanda proposed to her fiancé Daniel Bullock, 39, helped by her family, and began planning a wedding.

Stepsister Melissa Mowatt shared the story on social media to help to plan a wedding at such short notice, and Amanda has been "completely blown away" by the generous responses.

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Dozens of businesses and individuals have come forward with generous donations to make her dream wedding a reality. They have had offers of cars for the bride and groom and a discounted hall in Aberdeen.

Amanda said: "We just can't believe that folk managed to pull it out of the bag for us, it's just so touching.

"This is going to definitely be my dream wedding. It's going to be bigger than the dream.

"We're completely blown away by how much everyone cares, loves, and supports us."

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