Devastated widow says hubby plunged off bridge following 9-year out of date GPS

A man driving home from his daughter’s birthday party plunged off a bridge his GPS told him to take, despite it having washed away nine years earlier.

Phil Paxson had lingered after the party to help clear up after his and his wife Alycia’s nine-year-old child's birthday when he took a route that ceased to exist in 2013.

Now his family are raising awareness to try and stop what they regard as a preventable incident from happening again.

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Speaking to Inside Edition, Alycia said: “I remember saying goodbye, love you, see you in a bit”.

She and their two kids had gone ahead after the party on a stormy night in North Carolina, with the family having recently moved into a suburban district of Charlotte.

The GPS had taken him down what locals referred to as the “bridge to nowhere” that saw him plunge 20 feet into the ravine below.

His car, an SUV, was found partially submerged by state troopers with tragic Phil’s body still inside.

Speaking about her husband’s death, Alycia said: “Yes, 100% preventable, in my opinion.

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She said the fact that this had happened was, “Unfathomable. I just can't wrap [my] head around how this could happen.”

Local legal authorities, both at state and country levels, claim that the issue isn’t their fault because the road is privately owned.

A lawyer representing the Paxman family, Bob Zimmerman, said “We've heard from neighbours that they have heard of babysitters or delivery drivers who almost suffered the same fate as Phil.”

A barricade has now been placed in front of the bridge.

Regardless of what happens now, the loss for the Paxman family remains massive. “He didn't deserve to die this way,” Alycia said.

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