Disabled Ryanair passenger horrified as plane takes off while shes on tarmac

A disabled Ryanair passenger was horrified as her flight took off without her while she was still standing on the tarmac as they watched their plane take off from Newcastle Airport without them.

Margaret and John Kerrop, from Kenton, were due to fly to Alicante to visit their son from Newcastle Airport on September 28.

They had made it through security and check-in seamlessly and arrived 20 minutes early at the special assistance desk, before they were taken to board the plane with five others.

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But as they were in the special assistance vehicle along with five other passengers, they watched in horror as their luggage was removed before the flight itself started leaving at 11am.

John told Newcastle Chronicle: "We got one of these shuttle lifts that raises you up and puts you in the plane if you're disabled. But then we started to see one or two bags being taken off and Margaret said to me, 'that's our bag.'

"I said, ‘It can't be.’ "We were standing there for about 25 minutes and then all of a sudden, the plane started to move and Margaret said ‘that plane's moving’, and I said ‘of course it wasn't we're not on it yet!’ But it was.

"The bloke in charge of the shuttle was mumbling and he said there's been an issue, but he wouldn't say anymore."

The couple were then taken back to the terminal by staff where they were apologised to and promised seats on a Jet2 flight at 6am the following morning, as well as the option of staying at a hotel or getting a taxi home.

Margaret, 76, said: "It was a bit of a nightmare, we don't really know whose fault it was because we never got to know. We still don't know the full story.

"All my medication was in the case and I didn't know whether it was on the plane or not – I've got it now, but nobody told us anything. It just shouldn't have happened, if it'd been the other way and I had been able to just been able to walk up the stairs, I would have been on my holidays."

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A spokesperson from Newcastle Airport said: "Following investigation, we can confirm that seven passengers that were assisted with their journey through the airport were unable to travel.

"The passengers arrived at the aircraft in advance of the scheduled departure time but were not permitted to board the aircraft.
Newcastle Airport assisted all customers affected by ensuring they departed on the next available flight."

A spokesperson from Ryanair said: "Special assistance at Newcastle Airport is provided by a third party – not by Ryanair. We are disappointed that the third party provider at Newcastle Airport failed to fulfil their responsibility to these passengers causing them to miss their flight."


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