Doctor helped hubby cut up dead babys body and dispose of it in meat grinder

A trainee doctor has been accused of dismembering her dead eight-month-old baby daughter with her husband before the pair disposed of the remains in a meat grinder.

The tragic tot reportedly died when violent Yakov Maiboroda, 33, aimed a kick at would-be medic Anastasia, 23, during a domestic dispute – but struck the baby girl instead, killing her.

The couple are then said to have jointly dismembered the child using knives and en electric meat grinder, law enforcement chiefs in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, have alleged.

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Anastasia called police to say the girl had been kidnapped after the pair put her cut up remains into 13 plastic bags, before the grisly crime was revealed.

‌The Russian Investigative Committee, the country's main federal investigating authority, said: "After ascertaining that the child did not show any signs of life, the couple took steps to hide the body.

"Afterwards, in order to create the appearance of not being involved in a crime, the 23-year-old mother of the dead girl reported to the law enforcement authorities about her alleged abduction by unknown perpetrators.

"The remains of the child's body and other evidence proving their involvement in a particularly serious crime were found at their place of residence."

The couple were detained on suspicion of murder.

Baza media reported that experienced officers were horrified at the sight of the meat grinder, knives with traces of blood and bags of human remains.

Neighbours reported hearing "constant screams" from the flat since the couple moved in six months ago, and the family was allegedly visited by social services.

M‌‌ash media reported: "On the day of the murder, he was more violent than usual, then the noise and children's cries stopped abruptly.

‌‌"Neighbours sensed something was wrong, but they could not imagine that at that time behind the wall the parents were trying to get rid of the body of their murdered daughter.

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“Almost every day other residents listened to the abuse of the spouses and the crying of a small child.‌

“During these months, they were visited several times by juvenile inspectors.”

The couple were remanded in custody until June 28 pending further investigation.

‌Russia has high rates of domestic murder by international standards, and there are signs this has worsened during the war against Ukraine unleashed by Vladimir Putin.


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