Dog called Romeo has miraculous recovery after arrow shot clean through neck

Heartbreaking footage shows a dog being carried to safety for emergency veterinary treatment because a thug had shot him through the neck with an arrow.

In the clip, recorded in the city of Culiacan, Mexican, the injured mutt is held gingerly by a police officer and two other men who are careful not to harm the animal further.

The blood-soaked dog is taken from the back of a jeep through an open doorway to a vet.

Horrifically, the stray pooch – who has since been named Romeo – was sitting in the middle of a street when an unknown yob used him for target practice with a bow and arrow.

Not only did the arrow pierce the animal's flesh it ruptured through to the other side, making removing it a difficult and dangerous operation.

The poor pooch was found in the area of Villa Fontana by a local resident.

Immediately, the dog lover contacted Laika Animal Protection Foundation who sent volunteers, aided by police officers, to help poor injured Romeo.

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A second clip shows the recovering pooch after being treated by vets.

Vets carried an X-ray to make sure the arrow had not caused any internal injuries, according to the newspaper El Universal.

Meanwhile, Laika Foundation spokeswoman Brenda Gonzalez Leon called on the local community to donate money to pay for the dog’s treatment.

She added that Romeo, as colleagues decided to name the dog, has been operated on, but is still in a serious condition.

The local police have launched an investigation to find the culprit but no arrests have been made so far.

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