Dog dragged to death behind car after ‘rescuer’ fails to notice it escape boot

A dog was filmed as it was dragged to its death after a man drove for more than an hour without noticing it caught in his vehicle.

In the tragic clip, recorded in Thailand, a dog's lifeless body is towed along the road behind a car.

A motorcycle behind overtakes the car while the dog's body is jerked around violently by bumps in the road.

Tragically, the pooch was a stray and the monk who found it thought he was rescuing the animal by taking it home with him, The Nation Thailand reports.

He is said to have found the dog at Wat Ban Nong Phanaeng temple and decided to adopt it.

The monk put the dog in the boot and left its leash on, before leaving the door ajar so it would have some air.

Sadly, the spooked dog was not used to people and leapt out the boot while the car was moving – dying at some point during the journey.

The video sparked outrage in Thailand when it was shared on Facebook by Watchdog Thailand (WDT) on August 18.

Many viewers expressed anger towards the person in the traffic behind, who allegedly filmed the dog's suffering without trying to alert the driver.

One person blasted: "It's strange that the photographer didn't call him or there are many people who see him.

"He doesn't have mercy on the animals. He doesn't honk the horn."

A second wrote: "Why doesn't the person who took the clip honk the horn say that he doesn't have the heart."

"Oh, I feel pity for the motorcycle. It's very heartless. What kind of person is this?"

"Yes, I feel depressed after watching this," confessed another viewer.

Someone else said: "No matter what karma you do, may karma follow you soon. Human beings are considered good animals. But your heart is lower than animals."

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