Dog has cute routine of pulling the biggest ‘grin’ every time she’s in the car

A lovely dog has shown her owner how much she enjoys going on trips with her in a series of hilarious videos.

Sophie, a one-year-old Hungarian Vizsla, always jumps up on her favourite seat at the back of the car when owners Ellen and Jake take her for a ride in California, US.

Video shared on Sophie's Instagram, @sophie_thenotoriousviz, documents her special habit every time she goes on a trip in car.

The brown pooch loves to poke her head out of the window and opens her mouth for a taste of fresh air.

She stands by the window and lets her lips flap as the wind blows into her mouth.

Sophie seems to enjoy it while holds her pose still as if she is putting on a big grin.

Couple Ellen and Jake told Daily Star Online exclusively that she was being dramatic.

They told this site: "Her head is always out and mouth is open.

"But it is usually not as dramatic as this video though.

"We have another video on our page where her eyelids are flapping in the wind, haha."

A separate clip seems to prove that Sophie is doing it as a routine.

On a trip to their local cafe in the city of Huntington last month, the canine is seen giving a big smile during her car ride.

Sitting at her usual seat, Sophie sticks her head out to enjoy a bit of the California sun while letting in the breeze to "freshen" her mouth.

Ellen can be heard laughing in the background as she watches Sophie doing her routine.

Viewers joked if Sophie was broken while others said she's "adorable" and "cute".

"I can't even," one wrote. "This has made my weekend!"

A second said: "Seriously, this is hilarious but made my own mouth dry out."

A third added: "She is so darn cute."

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