Dog learns to walk upright like a human and can even do it backwards

A dog has learned how to walk upright like a human – and can even do it backwards.

Henry, an eight year-old border collie, mastered the ability to stand on his hind legs as a puppy.

The pooch soon realised it earned him plenty of treats.

Over time it developed into a remarkable talent for walking backwards.

He now jumps on his back legs the moment he wants attention.

And his proud owner says it now seems like he’s “more human than dog”.

Line Fatland Froystad, of Stavanger, Norway, said: "Henry was from a litter of seven puppies and he was always the one jumping and being active.

"As he was growing up he started to do this more and more and noticed he got a lot of attention from people and treats coming his way.

"So that's how he became the CEO of walking.”

Line, a professional dog trainer, added: “He's been walking like this since he was a puppy.

"If I have a ball our a treat in my hand he get so excited and start walking.

“Sometimes I think he's more human than dog.

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"And not only does he walk like a human, but he also does this backwards.

"Of course, most of the time he walks like a normal dog.

“But the moment he wants attention our a treat he goes up on his two legs and does his walk."

Line can be found posting as @funnybubbledogs on Instagram.

Other dogs have also been caught acting like humans in recent weeks.

A Dachshund called Chorizo was caught on camera copying a human-like pose as he peered out of a window.

And a part pitbull, part border collie and Australian shepherd mix called Darrel spent the summer learning how to skateboard.

But the mutt got so good his owner had to timetable his hobby to give his paws a rest.

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