Dog stretchered off mountain after walk on hottest day of the year

A dog has been stretchered off of a mountain after a call to help was put in for the pooch who had been taken for a walk on the hottest day of the year.

The UK experienced its hottest temperatures ever recorded yesterday, and one dog out for a walk was feared to be suffering heat exhaustion.

A Golden Retriever walking in the Glen River area of the Mournes, Belfast, was suspected of suffering from heat exhaustion, which can be deadly for dogs over a short period of time.

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Mourne Mountain Rescue received a call for assistance when temperatures were in just the mid 20s, with a team of 12 attending the dog.

They assessed, treated and transported the dog to safety, with the mission of taking the dog from mountainside to the owner's car for a trip to the vet taking three hours.

A spokesperson for Mourne Mountain Rescue said: "The dog was treated, packaged and evacuated by stretcher to team vehicle before transfer to Donard Park and owner's vehicle for onward transfer to a local vets. Twelve members responded and stood down at 1943hrs."

Research has shown that more than half of dogs taken to vets with severe heatstroke sadly die.

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The Glen River walk saw the pooch successfully rescued from the heat, with the natural beauty spot featuring a number of shaded areas and plenty of water along the two mile walk.

But even then, extreme heat yesterday made for difficult travel, especially for the pooch wandering along the trail, with the heat risk remaining high for dogs.

Dog walks are reportedly much safer during the early morning and where possible should be restricted to shaded areas with easy access to water, BelfastLive reported.

Advice also noted that any pet in a hot car was at risk of heatstroke, with the heat across the week proving potentially harmful to animals.


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