Dog wipes ‘crying’ friend’s tears away as owner tries to sell them at market

A golden retriever has melted the hearts of millions after video emerged of the poor pooch licking his pal's eyes as they were getting sold by their owner.

The touching scene was captured by an animal lover at a local dog trade market on January 31, in Henan, central China.

The kind-hearted man, nicknamed Mao Ge, said he saw pet dogs like Labradors, huskies and Corgi being locked up in tiny cages after being traded for cash by their owners.

In a video he shared on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, he finds two golden retrievers sitting at the back of a pickup truck with ropes tied around their neck.

One of them appears to weep before its companion turns to it and starts "wiping" its tears away.

"The dog is crying, I don't have the courage to carry on filming this," Mao says behind the camera.

The golden retriever keeps its head down and closes its eye while the other pooch grooms around its face.

They wait on the truck quietly hoping for their owners' return and when passersby stop to greet, both friendly canines wag their tails and let out heartbreaking howls.

The video, which garnered more than 51,000 likes, has since been widely shared on Chinese social media.

Heartbreaking viewers left desperate pleas on the comments, asking Mao Ge to save the dogs.

One said: "Can I ask for your help and save them all please?"

Another wrote: "I would like to adopt these two golden retrievers! Please take them away from the truck."

"How could the owners be so cruel to sell off their pets?" a third asked. "These dog traders needed to be arrested."

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  • Mao Ge later revealed that he bought 14 dogs from the vendor including the "crying" golden retriever.

    He wrote: "The trader paid the owner 400 yuan (£44) each and is now selling them for 800 yuan (£88) each.

    "It is too expensive I couldn't afford to save his friend."

    But he said the friend is now living happily at the shelter and is getting well-fed.

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