Dogs bath routine has owner joking hes turned into a dirty sweater

A dog has left his owner in stitches every time he took a bath as he turned into a "dirty sweater" in the water.

Ms Dai, from the city of Datong, Shanxi province in northern China, said her black poodle gets excited whenever he gets to enjoy a warm bath.

In the viral video she posted on social media platform Douyin, she walks to the bathroom and finds her pet soaking in a red tub in a pool of water.

She giggles while zooming in to find the dog lying in the water on his back with his nose poking above the water. The lovely pooch then plays dead.

In an interview with local media, Ms Dai explained that her dog enjoys taking a bath.

She says: "I was just going to grab a stool after putting warm water in the tub.

"When I headed back to the bathroom, he was already getting himself ready. He barely fits in as you can tell from the video.

"It makes me chuckle just looking at the way he lies in the water. You can't see his face at all, only the nose."

Ms Dai's video went viral since she posted it on January 20 and many viewers joked her dog looked a like a "dirty sweater in the water".

One said: "I thought you were washing your black coat!"

Another commented: "His fluffy coats curled up and he just looked like a dirty sweater there."

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"He is enjoying his bath time and so smart that he breathes through his nose," a third added.

Ms Dai added that this has become a routine for her poodle.

"He gets in the water himself and I can't get enough of that every time," she said in the comments.

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