Donald Trump’s key US election tactic to ‘deflect’ rival Biden from coronavirus failures

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have now been formally adopted as the Democratic Party’s ticket for the 2020 US presidential elections. Former White House Deputy National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador Nancy Soderberg revealed to the BBC’s Today show what type of tactics current President Donald Trump may use against the pair. She warned that although they had been effective before, it may not have the same impact this time around due to coronavirus.

Ms Soderberg said: “If you look at what Trump is doing, he’s trying to re-run the 2016 playbook.

“He’s already calling Kamala Harris a ‘nasty woman’, he’s trying the birther move, that she’s not really a citizen because her parents came from elsewhere.

“The tropes are simply not going to work.

“It’s a way for him to deflect from his other failures in the coronavirus pandemic.”

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