Doorbell camera films cat having best time ever in the middle of a snowstorm

A cat owner has found her pet wandering in the cold and having a very good time in the family's snow-covered backyard.

Laura Snider, from West Des Moines in Iowa, US, noticed one of her grey cats jumping in the snow when the doorbell camera captured the hilarious moment on Saturday, January 16.

Footage posted on Instagram shows the feline doing a zoomie on the patio garden and hopping on a thick layer of snow among the chairs.

It is seen jumping back and forth while having fun catching its own paw prints on the white stuff.

The mum-of-three wrote on the post: "There is a blizzard in Iowa and my cat loves it."

Viewers commented on the cat's reaction to seeing snow. One said: "Oh that's cute."

Another called the moggie "weird" for going out in the cold.

And Laura replied: "I know! He doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all. He was by the door meowing to go out at 5:00 am this morning."

The video came after the western half of Iowa State being placed under a blizzard warning from Thursday with a record of 6.1 inches of snow recorded on Friday.

The National Weather Service warned Friday morning that travel should be restricted to emergencies only because of hazardous weather conditions.

Emergency dispatchers were reporting multiple vehicles in ditches.

Like most cats who like to seek warmth and comfort from the owners, a massive 7kg cat from China has snuggled up to his owner and sat on her chest while she was sleeping at night.

The owner complained of chest pain the next day and re-watched a pet camera to find out the truth.

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