Double croc attack that killed fisherman the first of its kind ever recorded

The fisherman killed in an attack from two crocodiles working together was the victim of the first death of its kind, a report has found.

A search was launched for Andrew Heard after he failed to return from fishing in Gayundah Creek, off Hinchinbrook Island, Australia, in early 2021.

The 69-year-old was last seen just before he went fishing and his wife Erica contacted police later that evening after he failed to return and could not be reached by radio.

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Wildlife officers launched a search and found his 6ft boat capsized, with some damage, in the early hours of the next morning.

Now, non-inquest findings made public on Tuesday (June 6) revealed that a five-metre male croc worked together with a two-metre female to kill and eat Mr Heard.

ABC in Australia reported the male crocodile was more than double the length of the victim's dinghy and almost as wide.

Both animals were euthanased, necropsied and found to contain human remains – later confirmed to be Mr Heard's.

The coroners findings included observations from Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) wildlife officers, who concluded it was the "first time two crocodiles have been recorded predating a human ever".

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"Based on the evidence the deceased was initially attacked and killed by the larger male crocodile while fishing in his boat [and] the female likely came in once the man was killed to assist in dismemberment and consumption," they wrote.

"At this time of year [breeding season] it is not unusual for a male and a female to be in proximity and males will generally tolerate other females.

"While it is not unusual that a male crocodile would share a large meal with another female — to my knowledge this is the first time that two crocodiles have been recorded predating a human anywhere."

Wildlife officers found the remains of publican Kevin Darmody in two crocodiles after a fatal attack at Cape York, in Far North Queensland, Australia in May, only the second recorded attack of its kind.

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