DPD driver uploads photo of mum with ‘t** out’ after breastfeeding blunder

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    A mum made a hilarious mistake when she had an unexpected knock on the door while breastfeeding her baby.

    Kelly Convey was feeding her child when her husband's parcel was delivered by DPD.

    The delivery driver asked her if she would kindly take in her next-door neighbour's parcel as they weren’t home, snapped photos for proof of delivery, and went on his way.

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    Minutes later her usually chatty neighbour came to collect the parcel and was acting strangely, but the mum dismissed it.

    Until she went back inside and realised that her boob was still exposed from breastfeeding her baby – and she had inadvertently flashed both her neighbour and the delivery driver.

    Worse she was fully exposed in the proof of postage photo the delivery driver had taken – and that had been uploaded and sent to the recipients of the parcels – her neighbour and her husband.

    Posting about the incident on TikTok, Kelly said “Basically we just had a delivery, at the door, and I went and got it and the delivery man said ‘I hope you don’t mind but your next door neighbour is not in, would you mind taking next doors?’ I said ‘No problem, that is absolutely fine.’

    “Matter of minutes later my next-door neighbour comes and knocks on the door, they’re usually very chatty, very nice, but today it was verging on rude. I thought ‘What have I done’, they just grabbed the package and went.

    “Then I walked back in the house and I realised that my t** was hanging out, my tit was out. I had been feeding the baby – my t** was out.

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    “I phoned my husband at work and said ‘Oh my god babe, I’m mortified’. He said ‘You answered the door with your t** out didn’t you?’.

    “I was like ‘How did you know that?’, he said well I’ve just got the delivery note from DPD and in the top corner of the photo your t** is hanging out.”

    She ended the clip by speaking to her baby in her arms, and jokingly saying to the tot “I hope you’re well fed, I hope you enjoyed your meal”.

    The video has been watched 5.4 million times and attracted more than 640K likes, thousands more saves, comments and shares.

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    One person commented: “This has just made my day – and probably the delivery drivers too”.

    Another joked: “Honestly, I’d have to move house immediately if that was me”.

    “I literally spat my coffee, I never part with my coffee,” a third added.

    But it appears the mum is not alone, dozens of other mums took to the comments to share their accidental flasher stories – putting the act down to “baby brain”.

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