Drivers warned non-essential lockdown journeys could void car insurance

Motorists are being warned that their insurance could be invalid if making non-essential journeys during lockdown.

Lockdown laws mean that police have the power to hand out on-the-spot fines of £200 to anyone who is found to be leaving home without a "reasonable excuse".

However, what you may not realise is that drivers may also have to pay for any damages incurred in an accident, reports The Daily Mirror.

Florence Codjoe, of website, said: “You could end up paying thousands for ­repairs. If you’re unsure about cover during lockdown speak to your insurer for clarification.”

She also warned drivers not to cancel insurance unless they have off-street parking as it is illegal to park on the road without it.

Specialist motoring lawyer Nick Freeman, known as Mr Loophole for helping celeb clients facing driving charges, said: “Essential travel is largely defined as ­shopping for necessities, picking up medical supplies, caring for a vulnerable person and getting to and from work if you cannot do so from home.”

He added: “Anything else is not really acceptable. If you have an accident and can’t prove your journey was essential your ­insurance may be void.”

John Neill, of Castle Insurance Services, said: “If it’s a non-­essential journey and being used ­outside the terms of the policy then there may be grounds for an insurer to reject a claim.”

During the last lockdown, when car travel plummeted by 73%, the PM’s chief aide Dominic Cummings drove from London to Durham, saying he was worried about his family’s health.

He also drove about 25 miles to Barnard Castle to "test his eyesight" in case it was affected by Covid.

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