Dropout fired from call centre now worth £28m and says being poor is a mindset

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A uni dropout who was fired from a call centre before founding his own multi-million-pound business says being poor "is a state of mind".

Sabri Suby, from Australia, flies in a private jet, has generated £750million in sales for his clients and has run the fastest-growing digital marketing agency Down Under three years in a row.

On the face of it, his life is perfect. But he started off the hard way, until he realised that being poor "is a state of mind".

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Sabri, who founded digital marketing agency King Kong, watched his mother work three jobs.

He began working before school at the age of eight to help her.

“I started waking up early so I could help her set up the café where she worked before I went to school. I would sweep the floor, take out the tables and chairs, and set them up," he told the Daily Star.

Despite the lack of money at home, Sabri said he never felt poor per se. He said: "I never felt 'poor'. I believe being poor is a state of mind.

"I mean, yeah I knew there was a lack of money when I saw my mum working three jobs and carrying the weight of two parents. But I had an incredible upbringing and saying anything other than that would be disrespectful to my mum."

He earned $2.50 an hour making peanut butter at the local health food store on the weekends when he took his first paid job.

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He said the early driver for him was trying to alleviate financial pressure on his mum, to the point where he even busked with a harmonica – earning $80 in a few hours.

"I had no idea what I was doing, but I didn't let that stop me," he said.

After a failed stint at a call centre where the boss called him "sh**", Sabri took matters into his own hands and created an agency which has in turn created 58 millionaires.

"I just hated having to worry about money. To have it as something that was always on my mind," said Sabri, who is now ranked 81 on the Young Rich List with a net worth of $49million (£28.7million).

"When I started out cold calling in my bedroom it would of been hard to believe this," he added.


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