Drunk bloke steals police car and starts responding to emergency calls

A boozed-up wannabe cop stole a police car and responded to an emergency domestic violence call.

Jeremiah James Taylor broke into Park County Sheriff police station in Colorado, US, just before 3.30am on Monday June 20 where he drunkenly drove off in a patrol vehicle.

Clocking the brazen theft, officers chased Taylor until he crashed and brandished a knife when they approached to put him in handcuffs.

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Prior to his arrest however, the 33-year-old thought he would have a real go at police work and drove to someone's house after he heard on the radio that they had called 911.

Taylor introduced himself as a Park County deputy when he turned up seemingly intoxicated and reportedly asked: “Where’s the old man that’s going to shoot someone?”

Once the real officers got to the address, the pretender made a getaway and two hours later led them on a car chase as he refused to pull over.

Sheriff Tom McGraw said: “One of my biggest concerns was that we were going to have a high-speed pursuit with a law enforcement vehicle crashing into an innocent citizen.”

With officers hot on his tail, Taylor eventually crashed the police car and bolted into the woods where he was tracked down and found with a knife in hand.

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As he continued to resist arrest, the officers tasered Taylor to bring him into custody.

According to reports at least one shot was fired but whether or not Taylor was hit remains unclear. What was evident were self-inflicted knife wounds which meant he was rushed to hospital.

No officers involved were injured in the arrest and an investigation is ongoing.

Taylor's full list of charges includes: Aggravated motor vehicle theft; Vehicular eluding; Impersonating a peace officer; Obstruction; Resisting arrest; Reckless endangerment; Second-degree burglary; Reckless driving.


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