Eight countries Brit holidaymakers could visit when travel ban lifts in May

The eight countries Brits may be able to visit when the ban on overseas holidays lifts on May 17 have been revealed.

The Government's Global Travel Taskforce green travel list, which is part of a traffic light system, includes the likes of British overseas territories Gibraltar.

It will also include parts of mainland USA, New Zealand, Ireland and Barbados, according to an industry modelling report in The Telegraph.

The report, based on research by former strategy chief at British Airway, Robert Boyle, also shows that Malta, Israel and Australia could be placed on the green list.

Countries across Europe have been placed on either the Government's 'amber' list – which requires tourists to self-isolate for ten days on arrival – or the red list, where holidaymakers will have to quarantine in hotels.

Passengers travelling to 'green' list countries will be required to take one test when flying home.

The report, which is thought to have been circulated in the travel industry, contradicts expectations that the Government would put the majority of Europe on the green list.

Hugely popular areas with British tourists, including Italy, Greece and Spain, are on amber due to their high coronavirus rates.

But, this could change by June 28, when the Government plans to carry out a review on foreign travel.

The report ranks 52 countries based on a series of statistics related to coronavirus including the proportion of population vaccinated within a country, new strains of the virus and rates of infection.

It is said to read: "The surest case for green must be Gibraltar. It has essentially zero cases of any type and the population is fully vaccinated.

"Israel must be the next most likely. Again, it has vaccinated close to its entire population and case numbers are below even last year’s threshold."

Meanwhile, British Airways boss Sean Doyle has said the success of the vaccine rollout in both the UK and America could lead to a transatlantic travel corridor following talks between London and Washington.

He said there is an "immediate opportunity to open up the US" during an online industry event, and added that the UK and US are "more or less mirroring each other" in terms of their vaccination programmes.

But elsewhere, travel bosses have claimed that the taskforce report lacks detail and that the planned return to international travel is too slow.

Simon McNamara, the UK and Ireland country manager for the International Air Transport Association, told MPs: "It [the report] has provided some clarity but there are many areas that are still unanswered… it is very vague in many areas such as the timescale to when the border will be ready, which countries will fall into which category.

"I think crucially the approach to reopening, we believe, is still too complex and too cautious."

He also expressed concerns over boarder checks, saying that the boarder is "unable to cope at the moment."

EasyJet boss Johan Lundgren has been more optimistic about travel to European countries, telling reporters: "I will struggle to see that there will be, unless something happens between now and then, that there would be many (European) countries who wouldn't be in that green category.

"We would expect that, if the Government continues with the approach on the testing regime that they have said, I would expect almost all major European countries, that by the time it comes to travel reopening, that most countries in Europe should be in that category.

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"[Our customers] want to know if the favourite destination for them to go on their holiday or to visit friends and family across Europe is that country in the 'green' category.

"And it will be a big difference, of course, if you're in the 'green' category, versus if you're in 'amber' or 'red'."

EasyJet plans to fly up to 20 per cent of 2019 capacity levels between April and June. The company flew just 14 per cent of its 2019 flight programme between October and the end of March.

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