Elite camo-clad bodyguards dubbed Vlads Angels trained to protect Putin pals

A group of female bodyguards tasked with protecting the Russian leader’s pals have been dubbed ‘Vlad's angels’.

The women trained in essential combat and shooting at Russia ’s Special Forces University.

The female trainees have been decked out in camouflage and fighting gear at the opening ceremony of a female bodyguard training course in Chechnya, Russia.

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The intense training course is being used to put the women through their paces before they’re tasked with guarding Russia’s elite – most of who are Putin’s personal pals.

Images have been shared of the group at an outdoor shooting range, as well as carrying out intense practical drills by shielding the door of a car with their gun in hand.

In one shot, the women are standing around a parked car as they aim their weapons forward at a potential threat.

Other snaps show the group put through rigorous training including what appears to be self-defence and martial arts training, throwing punches at bags and roleplays of getting a person into and out of a car while under attack.

The Russian Special Forces University has reportedly trained many of the fighters who have been dispatched to Ukraine after the February 2022 invasion.

"To date, more than 9,000 fighters have already been trained at the University; and this is far from the limit of all the possibilities," Kadyrov has stated in his Telegram channel.

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According to the publication, the university was set up back in 2013 and takes up over 400 hectares in the town.

Programs at the university include fire training, combat diving, state security, martial arts, first aid, tactical-special training and military medical training.

"The recruits are not only taught to competently perform combat missions; they are explained the true reasons for conducting the SMO (special military operation) in Ukraine, which greatly increases their motivation," the Telegram channel of the Russian Special Forces University stated.

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