Elon Musk admits having cheesy secret Instagram account but not a Twitter one

After Elon Musk’s “Twitter buddy” Pranay Pathole joked that the SpaceX boss was secretly running his social media feed for him, Musk has revealed that he does have a secret Instagram account – but not a Twitter one.

The billionaire is a keen Twitter user – with some of his wilder pronouncements causing serious fluctuations in the stock price of his electric car company Tesla.

There’s even been talk of him buying the $44billion company – although he’s reportedly getting cold feet after doubts emerged about the platform’s true number of users.

He recently said – on Twitter of course – that while he was still committed to buying Twitter, the deal was “temporarily on hold“.

Pranay, who became a Twitter celebrity after offering Musk some advice about upgrading the software that controls the windscreen wipers on Tesla’s cars, playfully tweeted yesterday: “Many people think that Elon Musk runs my Twitter account, and it's true.

“He's a super busy guy, building rockets, making life multi-planetary, building futuristic electric vehicles, digging tunnels. And somehow he finds time to run multiple Twitter accounts…”

A few hours later, the world’s richest man replied, saying that he didn’t even have a second anonymous “burner” Twitter account.

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But, Musk confessed: “I do have a cheesy secret Instagram account, so I can click on links that friends send me”.

There are dozens of fake or “parody” Elon Musk accounts, but few of them have anything like the social media reach as the real Tesla boss, who is closing in on 100million Twitter followers.

Pranay, 23, has gained a sizeable following through his association with the billionaire too, after Twitter users noticed how frequently Musk replied to his tweets, over 160,000 of them followed him.

“When Elon responded to me for the first time, that was the highlight of my life,” he told the Hindustand Times, “but now my interactions with him have become very casual.

“We talk back and forth through Direct Messages on Twitter.”

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Pranay added that the Musk is “is very frank and straightforward. And he is very active on Twitter apparently because whenever I DM him, I get a reply within a couple of minutes.

“Our DM conversations range from topics like making life multi planetary, why going to Mars is very essential for the core survival of humanity.

We have also spoken about his past [and] his upbringing,” Pranay added. “ He told me about how he flew from South Africa to Canada with just $2,000 and a suitcase full of books.”

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