Elon Musk is psychopathic and manipulative – how he achieved great things

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has been branded “psychopathic” due to having "no empathy" by a leading psychologist.

Musk has become a decisive figure in recent months after revealing his peace proposal following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, while also restarting his bid to buy social media site Twitter.

And he also took to the social media site to claim he supports notorious rapper Kanye “Ye” West, despite his recent barrage of antisemitic comments.

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And psychologist and director of Head Honchos, Desiree Silverstone has analysed his recent behaviour.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, and making clear that is just a “speculative hypothesis”, she said: “The back and forth (with Twitter) could easily be an ambivalent early attachment to his caregivers.

“People who have this kind of attachment usually do this back and forth dance.

“You see it in friendships and romantic relationships – I want you, I don’t want you.

“People who grow up with trauma often create a false sense of self which is usually about control and power.

“Just like Trump displays, It’s difficult for them to live with vulnerability – It’s like a person without skin.”

Earlier this year, the father of the world's richest man Errol, 79, dropped a brutal bomb about his boy live on air after he called into an Australian radio show.

Speaking on Kyle and Jackie O’s show on station KIIS FM, Errol spoke about how the family had been successful before Elon.

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In an interview that lasted 20 minutes, the Tesla owner was dashed by his father – who even went as far as to say he preferred his brother Kimbal.

And it appears that his lack of control over his own family is something Elon is using as a “defence mechanism”, the expert added.

“When one grows up with trauma, the right side of the brain becomes very active and developed,” she said.

“These people view the world as threatening and they are hyper vigilant.

“The way the media portrays his treatment of his employees also shows that he doesn’t seem to have a great deal of empathy.

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“That can be sociopathic or psychopathic.

“No empathy, very manipulative (and a) grandiose sense of self but can achieve great things because of it.

“There are so many factors to take into consideration and can only be known if one talks to him or reads a biography about him.”

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