Englands green pastures make a return a year after being in drought

England’s lush green pastures have returned – exactly 12 months after drought gripped the land – as aerial side-by-side shots show.

Blades of grass bounced back across the nation, showing just what a difference a year makes.

Temperatures exceeded 40C for the first time on July 19, 2022 in the driest July in almost 100 years.

And on this day last year, the Environment Agency declared drought in eight of its 14 areas.

But now the picture is very different, as waters run up to the banks of the Baitings Reservoir in Ripponden, West Yorks.

It is a far cry from the dry, cracked earth that was exposed below the road bridge a year ago. The total stock of water in England’s reservoirs at the end of last July was only 65% of its normal capacity – their lowest since 1995.

But this year we had the sixth wettest July on record.

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This means a playground in Littlehampton, East Sussex is almost back to its verdant self.

And Hampshire’s Southampton Common is far more comfortable to lie down on now, even if it is wise to bring a brolly. The UK caught a glimpse of the return of summer this week when temperatures surged into the high 20s on Thursday.

But it appears to be short-lived with much of the UK feeling muggy and cloudy yesterday.

Today winds will pick up, especially in the North where heavy rain and possibly thunder will hit.

Everywhere else, sunny spells will be interrupted by showers throughout the day, the Met Office says.

Next week will be a mixed bag, with sunshine and showers competing for dominance on Monday, alongside a cool, westerly breeze.

Conditions will begin to settle on Tuesday, with the mid-week being largely fine.

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